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Genshin Impact with character 5⭐ EU | Personal/To Start

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Product Description

Genshin Impact account with 5 characters (0 constellations) selected⭐ on the Europe AR10+ server (10+ adventure rank).
Perfect for a start!

◾️ ☑️Accounts created by us, pumped independently;
◾️ After logging in, you can immediately put your unique email;
◾️ Number of 4⭐️ characters ~ 5-10 (constellations count);
◾️ Without any references, the date of birth is not set;
◾️ The account will be delivered instantly to the specified e-mail IMPORTANT

◾️ 🔴Account type: login: password Genshin Impact;
◾️ After logging in, you will be asked to link your email – we advise you to immediately link your own and change your password. If you want to skip it, click the cross;
◾️ Make sure your PC/IOS/ANDROID meets the minimum requirements. If the game did not run on your device, there will be no refund.
◾️ 365 days warranty.

What to do after purchase
✅ Download and install the game
✅ Log in
✅ After verification, if everything is fine, leave a positive review
✅ ❤️Play! 🎮


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