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Key Die by the Blade * STEAM RU*KZ*UA*CIS

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Die by the Blade

the region that we have

Azerbaijan/Armenia/Georgia/Kyrgyzstan/Moldova/Tajikistan/Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan  Belarus Ukraine  Russia    Kazakhstan     contact me fist to choose your region 
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You can find the link to your Steam profile here –! This is not the key. The game is sent as a gift. In order to receive game your account region must match selected region. You can check your region here – If you have a different country listed on this page, you will not be able to receive the game.
Vanquish your foes with a single strike in 1v1 weapon-based fighter Die by the Blade. Dive into a samuraipunk world and wield a range of traditional Japanese weapons to determine your moveset. Outwit your opponent in intense, tactical battles and master the art of the one-hit kill!Link to the game on Steam:

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