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Tinder Plus Subscription 6 Months (Global)

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $22.00.


🏅AUTOMATIC ISSUANCE of a KEY to activate a Tinder plus subscription for 6 month
🎁A commission-free payment method is available!
🌏Suitable for any country👍❤You can activate the subscription yourself in your account while in any country, without transferring data and WITHOUT CHANGING GEOLOCATION!👍After activation, you can use it anywhere in the world🌏
⚠️Important nuances:
The absence of a valid subscription of any kind
Your Tinder account must be more than 2 days old👍
🛎️Instruction manual:
1. Log in to your profile via the website version in the browser of your phone or computer (there is no “promo code” window in the application)
2. Open the settings and find the “promo code” window
3. Insert the received key. The subscription is activated instantly


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