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Platform} STEAM

Type: Key

Version: GLOBAL


Notice: This game only supports Japanese interface/voice for customers in Japan.

Warning! This game has numerous restrictions. Check region tool before buying.

Helldivers 2 is a critically acclaimed, best-selling sequel to another smash hit video game, Helldivers, from 2015. This amazing cooperative third-person PvE shooter was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by PlayStation PC LLC/Sony Interactive Entertainment in February of 2024.


Become a Helldiver
Join the one and only Helldivers’ squad, The Galaxy’s Last Line of Offence, and fight hordes of deadly enemies to save the Universe from alien threats. Make your mark in the ever-going intergalactic struggle: capture the hostile planets and do everything you can to keep your squad and humanity safe from the cosmic invasion!


Unlike the original Helldivers – a top-down shooter – the Helldivers 2 video game is an online sci-fi third-person shooter with a squad-based, PvE gameplay. Every brave Helldiver can try their luck alone or join a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players. With the game available for both Sony PlayStation consoles and Microsoft Windows computers, a crossplay feature is available for the players to effortlessly join their friends using different systems.


Helldivers 2’s gameplay experience can be easily customzed with nine unlockable difficulty settings (from Trivial to Helldive) available to choose from on the Galactic War screen. Be careful though as the friendly fire is always on!


For democracy!
Fearless Heroes of the Universe – unite! Fight for freedom, peace and democracy in Helldivers 2. Choose a mission for your squad to complete and take part in challenging quests that will test your skills and teamwork alike. Try out Defend Freedom, Bug Extermination, Protect Liberty, and Destroy Automatons Operation Missions and become the best Helldiver in the Universe!


Select your loadout and jump into combat – or try to evade the dangers in the unsafe enemy territory and sneak your way to victory! Complete your missions to earn Requisition and use it to unlock various rewards that can benefit you, your squad and your ship.



The Helldivers use their fighting skills and state-of-the-art equipment to defeat waves of alien enemies. With tens of weapons – from compact pistols, through powerful machine guns, to deadly flamethrowers – and stratagems (such as cluster bombs, sentry guns, shield generators and supply pods) to choose from, members of the squad will do anything to win the intergalactic war against the alien forces. Take part in cinematic fights you’ve never seen before!






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