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Fortnite – Gilded Elites Pack DLC (AR) (Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S) – Xbox Live – Digital Code

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Fortnite – Gilded Elites Pack DLC

Elevate your Fortnite experience with the exclusive Gilded Elites Pack, a premium collection designed for those with a taste for the finer things in the game. This exquisite pack is for players who share a common love for luxury and style, offering a selection of outfits and accessories that shimmer with elegance. Each item in this pack is meticulously crafted to ensure you stand out in every match, showcasing your elite status.

Key Features 

  • Lustrous Luxe Outfit: Dominate the battlefield with the radiance of the Lustrous Luxe Outfit. This dazzling attire not only makes a bold statement but also reflects your luxurious playstyle.
  • Hollowpoint Wings Back Bling & Ideal Cutter Pickaxe: Complement your look with the Hollowpoint Wings Back Bling and slice through the competition with the Ideal Cutter Pickaxe, both embodying the essence of sophistication.
  • Gunslinger Calamity Outfit & Eternal Longhorn Back Bling: Embrace the Wild West in style with the Gunslinger Calamity Outfit, paired perfectly with the Eternal Longhorn Back Bling for a touch of untamed elegance.
  • Gunswinger Pickaxe: Ensure you’re always battle-ready with the sleek Gunswinger Pickaxe, a tool as refined as your taste.
  • The Goldfish Outfit & Submariner’s Safe Back Bling: Dive into luxury with The Goldfish Outfit and keep your valuables close with the Submariner’s Safe Back Bling, a combination that’s sure to make waves.
  • Speargun Slasher Pickaxe: Complete your arsenal with the Speargun Slasher Pickaxe, a testament to your sharp style and sharper gameplay.

With outfits that include LEGO Styles, the Gilded Elites Pack not only enhances your in-game appearance but also adds a playful twist to your sophisticated look. This pack is your ticket to showcasing your adoration for luxury, making every entrance grand and every victory splendid. Join the ranks of the Gilded Elites today and let your presence in Fortnite shine brighter than ever. Get the cheapest digital key for Fortnite Gilded Elites Pack now.

Note: This product can only be activated in the Argentina region.



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