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The Crew 2 Ubisoft Connect Key EUROPE _ digital code

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The Crew 2 Ubisoft Connect Key

Embark on an exhilarating journey across America in The Crew 2, the ambitious sequel to the 2014 racing game. Developed by Ivory Tower, this game transcends traditional racing, offering an unparalleled experience on land, air, and sea. As a player, you’re challenged to prove your versatility and skill across multiple vehicles, including, for the first time, planes and boats.


A Vast Open World Awaits:

The Crew 2 invites you to explore a creatively compressed map of the continental United States, featuring iconic cities like New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles and the vast natural beauty of forests, the Rockies, and the Grand Canyon. Travel across these diverse regions at your leisure, either by cruising through the open world or using the fast travel option to teleport to your desired location instantly, be it a bustling city or a secluded landmark.


Seamless Transition Between Vehicles:

This game revolutionizes the racing genre with its unique feature of switching between cars, planes, and boats on the fly. Tired of the road? Seamlessly transform into a plane and soar into the skies, or dive into the waters as a boat, maintaining your momentum in a thrilling display of versatility.


Diverse Racing Experiences:

Races in The Crew 2 are not confined to a single vehicle type. Many challenges are triathlons requiring mastery over land, air, and sea vehicles. The same dynamic vehicle-switching you enjoy in free roam becomes a strategic element in races, demanding adaptability and skill to dominate the competition.


Multiple Racing Categories:

The game features a variety of racing HQs, each catering to different racing preferences. Whether it’s street racing at The Spot, professional circuit racing at The Pit, off-road challenges at Base Camp, or freestyle events at The Barn, The Crew 2 has something for every racing enthusiast.



Key Features


  • Massive Open World: Explore a scaled-down version of the USA, filled with famous landmarks and diverse landscapes.


  • Versatile Vehicle Gameplay: Switch between cars, planes, and boats seamlessly, experiencing the thrill of racing in all terrains.


  • Varied Racing Events: Tackle different types of races, from street to off-road to aerial challenges.


  • Dynamic Races: Adapt to changing vehicles mid-race, mastering all forms to rise to the top.


  • Expansive Vehicle Collection: Discover and acquire a wide range of cars, motorcycles, planes, and boats, enhancing your racing experience.


In The Crew 2, the entire United States is your playground, with every race a new adventure. Are you ready to take the wheel, the helm, and the cockpit to prove you’re the ultimate racer? Get the cheapest digital key for The Crew 2 now! 


Note: This product can only be activated in the Europe region.


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