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Planner Templates for Canva & Illustrator BEST service

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Planner Templates for Canva

Introducing a collection of done for you editable planner templates for Canva and Illustrator! These templates are super easy to modify to fit your own brand in any of the previously mentioned apps so you’re able to create your own unique printable planner templates really fast!

✅ What’s Included?

• Daily Planners • Weekly Planners • Monthly Planners • Yearly Planners • Goal Setting Sheets • Project Planner • Priority Matrix • To-Do Lists • Limiting Beliefs Worksheet • 2023, 24 & 25 Calendars • S.M.A.R.T Goals • Habit Tracker • Financial Trackers • And More!

✅ What Can You Do With These Templates?

  • Track Your Own Goals and Tasks
  • Create a Lead Magnet For Your Audience
  • Create a Digital (PDF) Planner or a Physical Planner

✅ Details:

  • Size: A4
  • A total of 45 Templates
  • Includes EPS File and Links to Canva Templates
  • Editable in Illustrator and Canva
  • Links to FREE Fonts

Planner Templates for Canva

Planner Templates for Canva
Planner Templates for Canva


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