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NBA 2K24 | Kobe Bryant Edition (PS4) – PSN Account – GLOBAL

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NBA 2K24 | Kobe Bryant Edition (PS4)

Ready to live the legacy of the legend?


Step into the grandeur of basketball’s illustrious history and shape your future with NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition. This is more than a game – it’s a journey; every feature is designed to elevate your experience.



Key Features


MyCAREER: Dive Deep into Your Legacy

Begin with MyCAREER, where you don’t just play basketball—you live it. Personalize your MyPLAYER, tailoring every aspect to mirror your unique style and ambition. In a scenic, coastal Neighborhood, you get more than just a court; you get postcard-esque vistas and electrifying competition. The revamped player builder ensures your MyPLAYER truly resonates with your skills, and with an updated Badge system, every game is an opportunity to showcase your prowess.


Mamba Moments: Relive the Legend

Embody the spirit of Kobe Bryant through the Mamba Moments. Step back in time and recreate the pivotal phases of Kobe’s career. From the undeniable energy of his early triumphs to the moments that solidified him as an all-time great, you’ll experience basketball through the lens of a legend.


MyTEAM: Craft the Ultimate Squad

Strategize, play and dominate with MyTEAM. This classic card-collecting mode invites you to pool from a diverse range of players, from current All-Stars to basketball legends. With features like the all-new salary cap mode, MyTEAM becomes your playground for basketball supremacy, balancing strategy, and raw skill.


Authentic Gameplay: Every Move Matters

Experience basketball with pinpoint accuracy. NBA 2K24 promises the most genuine gameplay, focusing on seamless mechanics and intricate details. Master the revamped interior defense, execute flawless dribble combo controls, and witness the game respond to your skill level like never before.



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