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AIDA64 Extreme – AIDA64 Key – GLOBAL

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AIDA64 Extreme

Activation instruction:
1 – visit AIDA64 website here and download AIDA Extreme
2 – Install it and use the code you have purchased when it asks you to provide

Loved by PC enthusiasts worldwide, AIDA64 Extreme is a market-leading system information tool that not only gives incredibly detailed information about installed software and hardware, but also assists users in troubleshooting and provides benchmarks to gauge system performance.


The hardware detection engine of AIDA64 Extreme is the best in its class. It delivers comprehensive information about the installed software, as well as overclocking assistance and diagnostic features. Accurate voltage, temperature, and fan speed data may be obtained since it is continuously monitoring sensors, and its diagnostic features aid in identifying and averting hardware problems. Additionally, it provides a few benchmarks for gauging the effectiveness of certain hardware parts or the system as a whole. It works well with


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